Hello folks, I'm Bill Morgan.

Let me build you a no-maintenance dock.  It's more fun to go fishing and boating instead of scraping and painting your dock every few years.  But I urge you to see others, look over their dock construction and get their prices, then come by and see me.  Let's compare apples to apples.  I'll show you how our docks are built better than any others and usually for the same price.

Bill Morgan


What our customers have to say about us . . .

Red Arrow Marina

Red Arrow Marina Dock designed and built for Sam Chapman.
Bill Morgan began work for me at my commercial marina docks seven yeas ago when they re-floated and installed four new sea anchors on two of my three existing docks.  They did such a great job I had him build a new dock for me five years ago.  The docks still look and function as well today as they did when the work was completed.  The cost of the re-float jobs, and the new construction were substantially lower than the next closest bids, and the quality of work and product was superb.

There were no surprises at the conclusion of any of the jobs Mr. Morgan did for me.  There was major structural decay in the existing docks that were re-floated.  Mr. Morgan always alerted, showed and explained the best and least expensive way to repair the decaying structure before any work was done that was not on the original scope of work.  All costs were explained in advance and agreed upon by me before continuing on with the project.

Over the last seven years I have been impressed with the quality of his docks, workmanship, crew and Mr. Morgan himself.

Great people, product, and work.  I can't say enough about Grand Lake Dock and Bill Morgan.
— Sam Chapman, Owner
Red Arrow Marina
We provide a one-year FULL WORK WARRANTY on all dock we build.

GRDA Permitted Dock Installer

Grand Lake Dock holds a certificate as a GRDA Permitted Dock Installer on Grand Lake of the Cherokees.  Go here to learn more.