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Boat Trolly

We are getting this build tuned in so that it will serve our customers for many years to come. Grand Lake Dock, LLC can fabricate just about anything our customers need.

We are proud of our new partnerships with Wave Armor and Blackbeard Marine!

We are now a dealer for Wave Armor sea-doo ports, boat ports, docks and many other accessories! Let us know if there is anything we can get for you!


Bill pointing at something

Shop Days!

    Grand Lake Dock, LLC owner Bill Morgan is not afraid to spend time working in the shop to ensure things are being done as efficiently as possible. With amazing employees, great equipment, and a clean work environment you can be sure anything we build is built with the skill and care you can rely on.
Bill on bridgeport

"Dock building isn’t just business -- To me, it’s an opportunity to build something beautiful for the community I love." - Bill Morgan


Come see us in our new office!!!

  We have been looking forward to this office building for quite some time and if you have ever came in to see us with our desks in the fabrication shop you know why! We no longer have to yell over the noise of progress just to be able to have a conversation with a customer in person or over the phone. We hope to see you soon!
"Bill has done all of my dock repair in the past. So that is who I wanted to build my new dock. He and his crew did a great job on my custom dock, I would recommend him to anyone."
-David Hough

Hello folks, I'm Bill Morgan.

Let me build you a no-maintenance dock.  It's more fun to go fishing and boating instead of scraping and painting your dock every few years. I urge you to look at other docks, look over their dock construction and get their prices, then come by and see me.  Let's compare apples to apples.  I'll show you how our docks are built better than any other and usually for the same price.

Bill Morgan

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GRDA Permitted Dock Installer

Grand Lake Dock holds a certificate as a GRDA Permitted Dock Installer on Grand Lake of the Cherokees.  Go here to learn more.

Information You Should Know About Boat Docks

Advantages of Floating Docks

Compared to other styles, a floating dock has many advantages over other dock designs. These docks tend to be less expensive, and they can easily be removed from the water during the winter with a little planning. Their repair and upkeep is easily managed as well.

All lakes have some fluctuation of water levels. The most common advantage of our floating docks is they will rise and lower as the lake level changes. This makes them well-suited for use with water levels that rise and fall, a condition that is very familiar on Grand Lake.

The amount of weight the dock can bear is influenced by the size and number of plastic floats used in construction along with the type and weight of the decking.  Grand Lake Dock builds steel floating docks placing decking over a steel super-structure with factory sealed airtight heavy-duty plastic floats from Hendren Plastic with a 15-year maintenance warranty.  They are placed approximately 2 feet apart, and tightly held in place by under-dock steel structures, making our docks the most stable docks available.

Boat docks built by Grand Lake Dock float 12 to 16 inches above the water preventing damage from any snow load that will push a dock down in the water, and damage from waves that will lap over the code required minimum 8-inch clearance.

Building a dock involves considerable planning and decision-making prior to starting construction. Choices must be made regarding materials used, electrical capabilities and budget. Other considerations, like permits and inspection are taken care of for you by Grand Lake Dock.

Running Electrical To Your Dock For Lighting, Boat Lifts, Electrical Outlets and Other Conveniences.

Readily available on-dock electricity can be a benefit especially for the owners of larger boats and lifting features with their new dock. Electrical can be used for lighting, handy outlets for tools and appliances, and many other uses. Overall, the cost of running electricity to a dock is generally not a large line item in the budget.

Some Considerations When Choosing a Dock Builder

Homeowners should be knowledgeable about the regulations regarding dock construction on Grand Lake. So, on this page and elsewhere on this website we have provided Grand Lake’s building code for docks, approval certificates, and other pertinent information you should know.  These influence the way a dock can be built on Grand Lake, and Grand Lake Dock is fully certified in compliance with the code. You will find that we build docks that exceed the code requirements.

Climate is another factor Grand Lake Dock takes into consideration with every dock we build. Grand Lake can freeze in isolated areas in the winter. So, our docks are built to withstand this and problems of wind, waves and snow loads on the roof.

Boat docks are constantly exposed to moisture, changes in temperature, sunlight, and inclement weather, all of which can have long-term consequences when it comes to their aesthetic appeal, safety, and functionality. Maintenance is always available by Grand Lake Dock, however, we can assure you that our docks will require much less maintenance because of the care we take in construction and floating your dock.