Boat Dock Construction

Important construction elements used in Grand Lake Dock construction.

Boat Dock Elevations


Decking on our docks is made of hand-select, grade A lumber from Jones Hardware.

Grand Lake Dock Is The Superior Dock Builder On Grand Lake.

And Here’s Why.

  • We use only 3/16 inch and ¼ inch steel for all construction
  • All our frames for the dock structure are on 2 ft centers (others are on 4 ft centers)
  • Our frames are 3/16 inch steel top to bottom
  • Our corners are made of ¼ inch steel, fastened using ½ inch, grade 8 bolts and will not bend
  • All columns are 3/16” steel 2” x 2” square tubing placed on 6 ft centers fastened with ½ inch, grade 8 bolts.
  • Wind bracing is critical on Grand Lake, so we use 2 x 2 angle, 3/16 inch steel for all wind bracing.
  • We use dock floats from Hendron Plastic with a 15-year maintenance warranty.
  • Our float frames (underwater) holding the floats in place are made of stainless steel and cannot rust.
  • Column bolts at or below water level are galvanized ½ x 3 inch grade 8
  • All columns and purlins at or below water level are steel, hot-dipped in zinc, so they will never rust.
  • Decking on our docks is made of hand-select, grade A lumber from Jones Hardware.
  • All roofing is 40-year, 26-gauge steel available in a variety of colors, attached with color matched fasteners.
  • And for added assurance that your Grand Lake Dock will outlast any others and require much less maintenance . . .
    . . . Every dock we build exceeds the requirements of GRDA’s code. Here’s an example: GRDA code states that all docks must float a minimum of 8 inches above the water.

    But we know Grand Lake’s weather, and that’s not enough for us.
  • Our docks float 12 to 16 inches above the water preventing damage from any snow load that will push a dock down in the water and waves that will lap over an 8-inch clearance. Compare this with other docks minimally built only to meet the code requirements and float 8 inches above the water.
  • All our docks are floated for greater stability because the Hendron Plastic floats we use are placed approximately 2 feet apart. Compare this with other docks that use fewer floats per square foot and are less stable causing maintenance problems where none should exist.
  • Grand Lake Dock will install Sea Anchors, Winches, Boat Lifts and other additions on docks to fit your needs.

    We also offer Dock Surveillance for an optional fee


Grand Lake Dock construction ride you of maintenance problems.  And you'll get a better dock, too.

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Don't put up with paint peeling and flaking.  Grand Lake Dock builds every dock of galvanized steel that never needs to be painted.

Our Docks are Built to Stand Up to Grand Lake

Grand Lake Dock builds every dock with superior wind bracing that eliminates the water and wind damage.   No matter what your location, our boat docks simply don't have water and wind damage like most others.
Our docks are built to stand up to Grand Lake
When my Wife and I bought our place on Grand Lake we needed a new dock.  We knew nothing about docks or what the process of getting a dock on the lake.  A friend told us about Bill, we called him about building us a dock. We hired Bill to build us a two slip dock. Bill was a pleasure to work with, and did it within the time and the dollar amount quoted.  A year later we decided to buy a bigger boat and wanted to add another slip. Bill builds his docks so you can grow bigger or add on with little problem. We used Bill a second time. The thing about Bill is he is not just your dock builder he grows to be a friend.  He gives you his time and knowledge as you were his family. I would recommend Bill to anyone wanting to build a new dock or just wanting to replace a few boards on your boat dock. My neighbor also decided to have Bill build him a dock after seeing the great job he did on ours.
Thank you Bill for doing a great job,
—Jimmy and Lorie Bell
Bill has done all of my dock repair in the past. So that is who I wanted to build my new dock. He and his crew did a great job on my custom dock  I would recommend him to anyone.
—David Hough
I have had the pleasure to work with Mr. Morgan for the past 8 years. We started with replacing the foam floats with the GRDA recommended encapsulated floats. Our dock was later extended to accommodate our new boat. At that time, we had Mr. Morgan install a new 80’ stiff arm which he fabricated in his shop. Most recently, he built a new dock for our neighbor in which I liked the way it fabricated and constructed and contacted him to build one for us. I found his pricing to be very competitive and felt the value met the quality. I would highly recommend you consider Mr. Morgan for all your dock needs.

—Gary & Joyce Reynolds
Afton, OK