WetSteps® EZ Dive

The WetSteps® EZ Dive Ladder features wide steps, sturdy railing and a stable platform- a diving platform that everyone can enjoy!
Made of aluminum, just like WetSteps®, it’s lightweight which makes for easy installation. Available in all the same great colors as the WetSteps, it will look great on your dock!
6 Step: 5' to platform
7 Step: 6’ to platform
8 Step: 7’ to platform
Remember: Platform height does not include dock height.  8 step could turn into a 10’ jump to the water!

Mill Finish Pricing

6 Step = $1,250.00 Before Tax.

7 Step = $1,350.00 Before Tax.

8 Step = $1,550.00 Before Tax.

Powdercoat Hi-Dive = +$200

Grand Lake Install = $150


*Custom powder coat options available at an additional cost