KASCO® Dock Mount

Kasco Marine, Inc. offers an optional Universal Dock Mount or Piling Mount that can be used with any Kasco De-Icer. This heavy-duty Universal Dock Mount or Piling Mount is made from thermal plastic composites, corrosion protected steel, and stainless steel to withstand the toughest marine conditions. The De-Icer is mounted to the “underwater parts” of the Universal Dock Mount and the “above water” parts are mounted to the dock or piling.
The De-Icer may be operated in a vertical or several different angled positions. The De-Icer may also be adjusted to a maximum depth of 10′ from the above water mounting brackets and it may be moved 360 degrees. This allows for a variety of operating positions and is able to fit and adapt to many different situations and conditions.
The Universal Dock Mount is an ideal option for requiring a large amount of adjustability, such as marina applications, gas piers, wharfs, water towers or water storage areas; or areas where rope suspension is not an option, such as pilings or where boat traffic may interfere with the ropes.